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The Almond Valley Line


The Almond Valley line was a single track line running from Almond Valley Junction to the northwest of Perth to Crieff, approximately sixteen miles west of Perth. There was only one branch line on the Almond Valley, and this left at Methven Junction and ran the one and a quarter miles north to the village of Methven. The Methven branch had a direct service to Perth, but only lasted until 1937 for passenger traffic and 1965 for freight.

The main Almond Valley line itself was never heavily used with four trains per day in each direction for the majority of it's lifetime. There where a handful of small stations that served the hamlets along the line. The line was met at Crieff by two other lines. One being the line to Crianlarich and Oban, and the other being the line to Gleneagles. Sadly however, the Almond Valley line was closed to passenger traffic in 1951 not long after passing into British Railways ownership. The line remained open to freight traffic and also the occasional rail tour until 1965.

However, this wasn't the end for the line, as a small truncated section remained in use as a siding to the Dewars whiskey factory until sometime in the nineties. Today all that remains is a very small section branching off the main line out of Perth. Of the rest of the line, quite a bit has been converted into roads or farm track, but some sections are still quite visible. Of the Methven branch very little remains to be seen today.


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