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The Glenfarg Line


The section of railway between Bridge of Earn and Glenfarg was originally used as the main railway line for trains to Edinburgh. Prior to September 1955, a secondary branch route from Bridge of Earn to Ladybank also carried passengers, however due to it carrying very low numbers it was closed to passengers but remained open to freight. Bizarrely enough, this line was reopened in 1975 after closure of the main line. Glenfarg station, which had been opened with the line, and was served by most trains to Edinburgh, was closed on the 15th June 1964, a victim of the 'Beeching Cuts'. The only station to remain open on the complete line until closure was Kinross Junction, which closed on 5th January 1970.

It is unknown why the authorities chose to close the railway between Bridge of Earn and Glenfarg. It was a heavily engineered double track main line, which allowed quick access to Edinburgh via the Forth Bridge. It is the author's opinion that due to the anti-railway climate that existed in the sixties and early seventies, the line was seen as a perfect opportunity for road construction.

Eventually this is what happened, and on 5th January 1970, the line was closed to all traffic. The track was lifted shortly after, and not many years after this, construction of the M90 motorway began. The trackbed provided a ready made path for the road to be built on, and as a result, more than half of the trackbed of the line between Bridge of Earn and Mawcarse has been obliterated by the motorway, including Glenfarg station itself. It is a sad local reminder of events that took place throughout the UK in the late 60's and early 70's, as this situation repeated itself many times.

However, in today's climate of overcrowded roads and long delays on railways, a line such as the Glenfarg line could only help, not only for passengers but for freight as well. Sadly, due to the fact that not much remains, reopening remains only a dream.


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